2017 Black Friday Herb Sales

2017  Black Friday Herb Sales

For Black Friday I wanted to gather a list of the herb websites offering sales this weekend for your convenience (and mine!) None of these are affiliates & I'm not making any money off them, I just wanted to share and let you know what is on sale.  Because any excuse to stock up on herbs [...]

3 Ways to Dry Herbs

"The purpose of drying is to take out enough water from the material so that spoilage organisms are not able to grow and multiply during storage." (Putting Food By) Technically the USDA defines dehydrated food as having only 2.5 to 4 percent water left; this is unattainable with home drying. Dried foods are defined as [...]

Storing Your Herbal Infusions

What's easier? Grabbing the bottle of Ibuprofen/tube of diaper rash cream/oragel to suppress symptoms or just researching what the problem is, finding the appropriate herb, making an infusion, waaaaaaiting for it to infuse, filtering it, and using it? Obviously the second option, right? Not really, especially when you are sick, in pain, holding a screaming [...]