9 Strategies to Live Well When You are Exhausted

9 Strategies to Live Well When You are Exhausted

How do I live healthy when I am too tired to function?   That is what I have been asking myself lately because I have been totally exhausted, unable to eat normally, and very unmotivated to maintain normal activities like baking sourdough bread, preparing nutritious meals that don't involve noodles, and of course, working on [...]

Tips to Germinate Herbs Indoors

Tips to Germinate Herbs Indoors

We have talked about why to try to germinate seeds during the off season in my last blog post. Now in this post I would like to share a few things herbs need to sprout and a few tips for germinating seeds yourself. As I have said, I have not had very good success in [...]

How I Stopped a Cold With only 2 DIY Recipes

As I was cleaning up to get ready for bed Friday night I grabbed a sip of water from my ever present water bottle & groaned. It tasted funny, which is always my first indication that I am getting a cold. Maybe my immune system was low from the brownies we had made earlier in [...]

Creating Herbal Goals for the New Year

Almost 2 weeks into the new year and after plenty of thought about my priorities, lots of distraction dealing with sicknesses one after the other, and finding a few quiet moments to actually distill my thoughts into real practical ideas, I am excited to say that I have my 2017 goals for my herbal study! [...]

What do Herbs have to do with Homeschooling?

Why an herbal homeschool? I just updated my domain name to be theherbalhomeschool.com. This has led to some reflection on my blog name and what it really means to be an herbal HOMEschool as opposed to sharing information as a herbal "school" or our homestead or any other cheesy name I could think up (and [...]

Year Round Herb Gardening

Looking at nature, autumn is a time of relaxing from the hustle of summer, of drawing inward and reflecting, of reaching into what you have stored away over the growing season. A blog post by Guido Mase on Mountain Rose Herb's blog called In Gratitude for Plants focuses on the blessings of pulling inward and reflecting [...]