Planter Ideas for Indoor Gardening

There's a hint of cool in the air, it is officially after Labor day, the kids are back at school, and pumpkin flavored everything is making an appearance. Sounds enough like fall to be thinking about bringing the outside herbs in! I began looking on Pinterest to get some ideas for my indoor herb garden and [...]

Medicinal Herb Seed Purchase; Indoor/Outdoor Gardening

A cold dreary December day lulled to bored restlessness by the steady drizzle of rain. The perfect day to get new seed catalogs with pages exploding with life and color and fresh energy for spring. The seed companies really know what they are doing sending out catalogs right at the beginning of winter! One of my [...]

Year Round Herb Gardening

Looking at nature, autumn is a time of relaxing from the hustle of summer, of drawing inward and reflecting, of reaching into what you have stored away over the growing season. A blog post by Guido Mase on Mountain Rose Herb's blog called In Gratitude for Plants focuses on the blessings of pulling inward and reflecting [...]

How to Buy Herbs?

Knowledge of what to do with herbs will only go so far if you don't have access to herbs with which to experiment. My goal is to grow my herb collection slowly as I learn how to use the herb/essential oil/etc. effectively. There are numerous places to purchase herbs in bulk, in pill form, as essential oils, and as [...]

Growing Herbs: Trial by Error

Growing herbs indoors can be a great idea if like me you get super excited about starting things at completely inappropriate times of the year! Our unseasonably warm weather has had me itching to start my garden when in reality I should be winterizing and planning our holiday activities. However, this week we lost an [...]