Creating Herbal Goals for the New Year


Almost 2 weeks into the new year and after plenty of thought about my priorities, lots of distraction dealing with sicknesses one after the other, and finding a few quiet moments to actually distill my thoughts into real practical ideas, I am excited to say that I have my 2017 goals for my herbal study!

I want to share with you how to create your own goals for enhancing your use of herbs in your family, and give you a peek at my goals for the year!

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Growing Herbs: Trial by Error

growing-herbs-indoors1Growing herbs indoors can be a great idea if like me you get super excited about starting things at completely inappropriate times of the year! Our unseasonably warm weather has had me itching to start my garden when in reality I should be winterizing and planning our holiday activities. However, this week we lost an hour of daylight from the time change and the temperature plummeted to a balmy 25 degrees F this morning, so it’s safe to say winter is upon us. ugh. To fight the rapidly shortening days and biting temperatures, I decided to transplant a few herbs into pots in the house and start a few additional varieties from scratch.

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What is an Herb?

what-is-an-herbFor someone who wants to learn about herbs, this is a great place to start! When I think about taking care of my family’s health naturally and making a healthy home, I think about using different parts of plants to serve my purpose. However, after more thought, I realized that I could not really give an intelligent description of what an herb actually is.

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