Tips to Germinate Herbs Indoors

Tips to Germinate Herbs Indoors

We have talked about why to try to germinate seeds during the off season in my last blog post. Now in this post I would like to share a few things herbs need to sprout and a few tips for germinating seeds yourself. As I have said, I have not had very good success in [...]

How I Stopped a Cold With only 2 DIY Recipes

As I was cleaning up to get ready for bed Friday night I grabbed a sip of water from my ever present water bottle & groaned. It tasted funny, which is always my first indication that I am getting a cold. Maybe my immune system was low from the brownies we had made earlier in [...]

6 Herbs for Immune Support

Staying Healthy As we head into winter, I've been thinking a lot about how to keep my family healthy and free from colds and the flu this year. We got one brief cold already, but fortunately between taking homeopathic remedies and herbs it was out of the house within a few days! This cold caught [...]

3 Ways to Dry Herbs

"The purpose of drying is to take out enough water from the material so that spoilage organisms are not able to grow and multiply during storage." (Putting Food By) Technically the USDA defines dehydrated food as having only 2.5 to 4 percent water left; this is unattainable with home drying. Dried foods are defined as [...]

Planter Ideas for Indoor Gardening

There's a hint of cool in the air, it is officially after Labor day, the kids are back at school, and pumpkin flavored everything is making an appearance. Sounds enough like fall to be thinking about bringing the outside herbs in! I began looking on Pinterest to get some ideas for my indoor herb garden and [...]

Get Your Herbs Ready for Fall!

Hot. Humid. Buggy. Summer plants are withering. My fall garden NOT GROWING as fast as I think it should. It still feels like summer so I still feel like retrying to plant some of the things that were not successful this year like cucumbers, but it is too late. It's the August slump. It feels [...]