Your Practical, Actionable Health Goals This Year

Your Practical, Actionable Health Goals This Year

Happy new year! Like every year I find myself saying, " I can't believe that 12 whole months went by! It feels like it was JUST January." But then I stop and look back at everything that has happened this year and am amazed that it all FIT in one year! When I lived in [...]

Benefits of Including your Children in your Herbal Adventure

Dirt covered everything. Dried herbs poured everywhere but the pot of water. Herb seedlings "transplanted" by being crushed in chubby little hands. Yep, I'm raising a toddler herbalist. And I couldn't be happier.   My Little Herbalist Last night at supper I got the privilege of listening to our two year old give her daddy [...]

How I Stopped a Cold With only 2 DIY Recipes

As I was cleaning up to get ready for bed Friday night I grabbed a sip of water from my ever present water bottle & groaned. It tasted funny, which is always my first indication that I am getting a cold. Maybe my immune system was low from the brownies we had made earlier in [...]