Back & Excited to be Moving Forward

I didn't totally vanish! Any useful blog posts on the Herbal Homeschool may have dried up these last 5 months but my little family has been flourishing and growing happily! Now that things are somewhat settled I am going to get back to writing 1 post per week on something herb-related, but I want this first [...]

9 Strategies to Live Well When You are Exhausted

9 Strategies to Live Well When You are Exhausted

How do I live healthy when I am too tired to function?   That is what I have been asking myself lately because I have been totally exhausted, unable to eat normally, and very unmotivated to maintain normal activities like baking sourdough bread, preparing nutritious meals that don't involve noodles, and of course, working on [...]

Your Practical, Actionable Health Goals This Year

Your Practical, Actionable Health Goals This Year

Happy new year! Like every year I find myself saying, " I can't believe that 12 whole months went by! It feels like it was JUST January." But then I stop and look back at everything that has happened this year and am amazed that it all FIT in one year! When I lived in [...]

Creating Herbal Goals for the New Year

Almost 2 weeks into the new year and after plenty of thought about my priorities, lots of distraction dealing with sicknesses one after the other, and finding a few quiet moments to actually distill my thoughts into real practical ideas, I am excited to say that I have my 2017 goals for my herbal study! [...]

Creating a Herbal Notebook

Creating a Herbal Notebook I want to share with you an exciting tool I've put together to wrangle all the new information we are gathering about herbs; a Herb Notebook! I'll share the benefits & purposes of an herb notebook, break down each category I have included and give ideas for filling each section, post [...]

What do Herbs have to do with Homeschooling?

Why an herbal homeschool? I just updated my domain name to be This has led to some reflection on my blog name and what it really means to be an herbal HOMEschool as opposed to sharing information as a herbal "school" or our homestead or any other cheesy name I could think up (and [...]

Face your fears to use your herbs

Why don't you use herbs in your daily life more often? For me, it's because I'm afraid. Afraid to waste money, afraid to invest time in something that really won't work, and most irrationally, afraid to poison myself! Well, today that is changing! I want to encourage you to be bold! Be brave! And, most [...]