13575922_1053487918065632_2292834948528904161_oHi everyone, I’m Alissa. My husband, 1 year old daughter, and I live on 11 acres in the middle of Maryland. As a Christian wife, mama, and homemaker, I’m striving to serve the Lord through trusting and obeying Him as I serve my family.

I was homeschooled by an incredible Godly mom who gave me a life long passion for exploring new things and taught me how to learn. As a result, I always have more “projects” going than I know what to do with and random pages of notes scattered around the house from my latest “research”

I am eager to learn how to naturally maintain my family’s health and home using herbs. Though I’m no expert, I am looking forward to becoming one and sharing everything I learn along the way with you! Hence, the Herbal Homeschool. Because health and happiness start at home.