Super Effective Herbal Diaper Rash Spray

Diaper Rash Spray

Our Favorite Soothing Diaper Rash Spray

There’s not much worse as a parent than knowing your little munchkin is in pain and not being able to help them feel better.

On the other hand there’s not much more empowering and satisfying than seeing a problem, knowing just what to do to treat it, and quickly solving it.

That’s why I completely LOVE the herbal diaper rash spray I make to treat my little girls when they are getting red and sore, or even if I miss a dirty diaper overnight and there is already some open irritation and screaming during diaper changes. (Side note, I like run on sentences!)

Two simple ingredients mixed into a strong infusion and a few sprays will literally take care of redness overnight! If they are just starting to get red, one spray before bedtime ALWAYS does the trick, and the longest I have had to treat for a bad diaper rash is three days.

Oh yes, and did I mention that it is safe for cloth diapers?!? I’ve tried it. No nasty cream gumming up your inserts making them less absorbent and no staining their clothes with something coconut-oil based.

My story about treating my toddler:

Like I wrote about earlier in this post, my toddler was having tummy problems about a year ago that was leading to especially bad diaper rashes that traditional diaper cream and even antibacterial ointment were not doing anything at all to treat. It was so frustrating. I made up my diaper spray and was completely amazed at the results! We went from a horrible red painful diaper area to perfectly clear in a day or two. The best part was that instead of screaming and flailing around like a maniac, she actually LIKED getting her diaper changed. Imagine that!

This isn’t just a diaper rash spray though. I have even used this spray as part of my post-partum treatment and I do feel that it has been soothing and helpful in the couple weeks after deliver.

So get to the point already, right? What is this miracle spray made out of? It is simply a strong infusion of Chamomile and Calendula.



Chamomile has been used for hundreds of years by cultures around the world as a tea, topical treatment for skin issues, and as a tincture. Rosemary Gladstar calls chamomile, “the finest and safest of all medicinals.” It is used to treat stomach/digestive issues, inflammation, colic, teething, etc. I And, as we’re talking about here, it is also an incredibly popular, soothing ingredient in skin care products. What makes the chamomile so effective? Azulene, a volatile oil in chamomile, greatly contributes to its success in treating so many different issues because it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anodyne properties. ( Herbal Healing for Women) If you want to read more about Chamomile, especially how I’ve used it in treating babies and pregnancy issues, check out my post here.


Calendula is also a brilliant herb for using to treat skin issues.

It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is a, “pain-killing agent for minor injuries and topical infections and irritation.” (Prescription for Herbal Healing)

It is very widely used in Europe to treat diaper rash as it, “helps to sooth, heal and protect a baby’s sensitive skin.” (PHH) Used as a wash it stops bleeding, prevents infection, and rejuvenates skin, all of which makes it an excellent addition to diaper rash spray! I am realizing that I have not actually written a blog post on calendula yet, but I will be working on that in the next week or so.

How to make your herbal diaper spray?

How do I make my diaper spray? I add about 2 tablespoons of both calendula and chamomile to a quart jar and pour hot, almost boiling water over the herbs. I then let them sit for anywhere from a few hours to overnight (I like my infusions strong) and strain to remove the herbs. You can read my whole post about making infusions and decoctions here:


Storing Your Diaper Spray

Obviously you don’t want to wait hours for your infusion to steep while your baby suffers. You want it available right when you need it, ideally at the very first hint of redness. That’s why I take my finished quart of diaper spray and pour it into an ice cube tray to freeze in small, easy to use cubes. I keep a small spray bottle filled with the infusion in my diaper changing basket to use as needed. When I’m running low I simply thaw a cube in a little bowl and refill the bottle. This way the herbs stays fresh and I don’t have to worry about the mixture going bad because only a small amount is thawed at a time and we go through it pretty quickly. I have a blog post on storing infusions that you can check out here:storing infusions

And there you have it; that is my experience so far with herbal diaper spray!

Every herbal success is such a confidence boost and is so satisfying to know that you are maintaining your family’s health in a natural, self-sufficient, and safe way. If you have little ones or are looking for a thoughtful, useful DIY present for friends with babies this is a great, quick addition to your own apothecary and comes in handy often. The links to other blog posts I’ve mentioned are below, as is the link to share this blog on Pinterest! Please share with your friends and follow us on Facebook if you are looking to keep learning and growing!

                                Your fellow life-long learner and crazy herb lady,


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