How to Make Echinacea Tincture


As promised in my post on the benefits of Echinacea, here is how I made my Echinacea tincture. I’m not even sure you could call this a recipe because it is SO easy and such little work, but to make it look more official, we will call it a recipe still 🙂

How I made Echinacea tincture:

Supplies . . .

– Dried Echinacea (you can also use fresh, but will need to add more. See my tincture post for more info)

– 80 proof vodka

-Pint sized mason jar

– lid & supplies to label it

– time

Process . . .

– First, fill your pint jar almost half way with dried Echinacea. Don’t pack it in; leave it “fluffed up” so you end up with the proper proportion of Echinacea to vodka.


– Next, fill the remainder of the jar to the shoulder with 80 proof vodka. Plain vodka would work fine, but ours is extra fancy because I used some expensive vanilla vodka! Really though, it was the only thing my husband could find at the store. It smells amazing, but save yourself the money & use cheap plain vodka.

– Wipe the rim of the jar off & tighten the lid on. LABEL IT with the what exactly it is and the date you made it. I know it seems like you will remember these details, but it gets harder when your pantry fills up with little jars of floating weeds!

-Give it a good shake and stash it in a dark spot where you will remember to shake it every day or so. As a side note, most instructions I have read talk about filling the jar and keeping the vodka at least 2 inches about the herbs. They seem to assume that the herbs just sit cooperatively at the bottom. Mine didn’t; they all swirled together with the vodka. As long as they are not sticking out above the vodka where they are exposed to air and grow mold, it should be fine; I have not had a problem yet.

– Wait 3-6 weeks and strain your tincture into a fresh container. It’s ready to use! Check out my Echinacea post for dosing.

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